Featured Image for This new collection will make Australians nostalgic for the good ‘ol days

This new collection will make Australians nostalgic for the good ‘ol days

Australian designer Stavroula Adameitis, better known as FRIDA LAS VEGAS, has launched a new collection that pays tribute to Aussie pop culture from the ’80 and ‘90s.

Her collection, called Glamour Sacks, features iconic Australiana as wearable art. Made in Stavroula’s signature New-Wave-meets-Art-Deco style, the pieces put a bold and nostalgic take on Golden Gaytime ice creams, Passiona cans, and Chiko Rolls.

“I wanted to celebrate the random pop culture ephemera I grew up with and make them wearable at a larger and more visually-arresting scale than jewellery, enamel pins or patches,” she said.

With this new collection, Stavroula hopes to use fashion and pop art to take Aussies back to their childhood.

“Fashion is an incredibly effective form of visual communication,” she said. “I’ve treated the shape of a shift dress like a blank canvas to translate ideas about Australian culture, identity and nostalgia onto the body that’s universally-flattering and accessible for all shapes and sizes.”

We recently spoke to Stavroula to find out more about her work.

Please tell us more about yourself. How did you become an artist?

“My art practice stems from my career working across the animation and fashion industries as a stylist, graphic designer and video editor.

“In 2013, I began creating oversized perspex accessories because I couldn’t find anything on the market that was big or bold enough to satisfy my OTT style cravings. After releasing four jewellery collections, I was itching to branch into other mediums and expanded the visual world of my jewellery collections into illustration and neon light-based artworks.

“My first solo show was held in 2017 and I’m currently working on a bunch of new artworks and collaborations for 2018 and beyond.”

How would you describe your work?

“Glamorous, flashy, trashy, humorous, ridiculous, fun!”

What was the inspiration behind your collection of wearable art, Glamour Sacks?

“Fashion is a powerful form of visual communication. When I was initially thinking about the kind of clothing I wanted to make, I knew it had to look like a billboard or blank canvas to communicate ideas on a larger, more visually-arresting scale than is physically possible with accessories.

“The box shape of a shift dress fit the brief perfectly as it can be worn both as a dress or oversized t-shirt, depending on the personality of each individual wearer. Pop art style is a natural fit with 1960s-inspired fashion shapes. The Glamour Sack was born!”

Take us through your creative process. What goes on through your mind every time you make art, more especially for this series?

“I consciously strive to celebrate fashion, food, buildings and landmarks that err on the obscure side of Australian suburban consumer culture. Every Glamour Sack starts off as a vector illustration that is drawn from a combination of archival reference images and my own memories, which are digitally printed onto textiles. There’s no such thing as being too colourful or graphic in my books!”

What do you hope for this collection to become or mean for Australia and its people?

“I’m stoked if people are triggered to remember a happy memory from their childhood growing up in suburban Australia. Since wearing the Glamour Sacks on the streets of Sydney, I’ve discovered that the combination of fashion and pop art is an incredible way to strike up a meaningful conversation with complete strangers who feel just as passionate about the things you love as you do!”

💥 The FRIDA LAS VEGAS online store is now LIVE with my new #GlamourSack collection for ALL ages, genders, body shapes and modes of expression through fashion! 💥 . Proudly ethically made by hand in Sydney’s inner west from fabric and trimmings printed and sourced 100% within Australia, the #FRIDALASVEGAS Glamour Sack is a wearable slice of moving, breathing Pop Art celebrating my personal favourite icons of Australian suburbia – including my beloved #BinChicken aka #Ibis aka #AustraliasFlamingo aka #TipTurkey! 🗑🐔 . Each design is part of a limited-edition of 50 and comes with a certificate of authenticity for each proud new owner! Once each design is sold out, it’s GONE, like sands through the hourglass – fast fashion this AIN’T! . Shop the collection at ⚡️www.fridalasvegas.com ⚡️and please e-mail or DM if you have any questions or feedback! I’m so exited to FINALLY birth this concept into the world after a long creative pregnancy so BRING ON THE PASSION POP! 🍾🍾 . Photography & Video Direction on fridalasvegas.com 📸 @danielnoonephoto Hair & Makeup 💄 @themakeupwardrobe . #POPART #FASHION #GLAMOUR #FRIDALASVEGAS

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If you’d like to learn more about FRIDA LAS VEGAS and her Glamour Sacks collection, head on over here.

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