Featured Image for Molar nail art is the latest beauty trend no one asked for

Molar nail art is the latest beauty trend no one asked for

It’s always exciting to see what new beauty trend will sweep the internet next. From eyelash-nostrils to crazy eyebrow art, it’s a mystery how these things actually gain traction.

But be that as it may, today we are raising eyebrows and dropping jaws over the latest and greatest: teeth, or more specifically, molar nail art.

Yes, you can wear your smile on your hands. Russian-based nail art chain Nail Sunny created the unique look, which can even include tooth imperfections such as a black cavity.

As strange as you may think it is, the artistry behind this biting new trend (terrible, I know), is actually quite impressive. Watch:

Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Video by @edo_movs

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However, if the molars aren’t to your taste (sorry), you can always try out these nostril nails:

For the clients that need their nails to breathe from time to time 👃🏻 💅🏽 Для тех клиентов которые хотят чтобы их ногти дышали время от времени – YAY OR NAY?

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Or creep everybody out with these:

1 or 2?best nails for @hudabeauty

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Eye can’t wait to see what’s next!

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