Disney releases hilarious Arrested Development, Star Wars mashup

Star Wars: A New Hope was a great film by all means, but let’s face it, it wasn’t that funny. Sure, maybe that’s not what Lucas was going for with his lofty good versus evil themes, but there were still a lot of opportunities for laughs (Luke hitting on his sister, anyone?).

This trailer highlights them all thanks to a cutting narration by Ron Howard in the style of the cult comedy series, Arrested Development.

Although it pokes fun at the various plot holes and inconsistencies of Star Wars, the promotional video was actually commissioned by Disney themselves.

Why would they do that? Well, Ron Howard, the narrator of Arrested Development, is also the director of the upcoming Star Wars film, Solo. That’s good enough for me.

So if you’re one of the one percent of the population* who haven’t seen the original Star Wars movie, then you could save yourself two hours and just watch this instead.

And if you’re in the 99 percent* of people who haven’t seen Arrested Development, well maybe just take a sick day or two and catch up with a good old-fashioned binge session.

*Statistics may or may not be accurate.

Via Neatorama

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