Featured Image for Use the Force to organise your books this Yoda will

Use the Force to organise your books this Yoda will

As it turns out, Yoda is not only wise, he’s also organised.

Hallmark is selling a bookend that you might say is strong with the Force. The Yoda bookend features a portrait of the Jedi master and a slanted metal frame that make it look like the character is keeping a bunch of books from falling over.

Although it doesn’t give out valuable life advice, the item does provide a subtle reference to the Star Wars saga. With its simple and clever design, it’s an easy way to add a bit of geekiness to any home.

You can head on over here for more information.

A Yoda bookend

If you’re more into superheroes, we previously featured a similar series of bookends that make it seem like super-powered beings are lifting novels up in the air.

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