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Ohmygod Jason Voorhees lives at a popular scuba-diving site

You’re scuba-diving some 40 metres underwater – already a situation fraught with danger – when looming out of the deep comes… Jason Voorhees!

It’s the kind of bizarre situation that could honestly be part of the increasingly ridiculous Friday the 13th series of movies, but this is an event that has been all too real for many divers who have braved the briny depths of a lake in Crosby, Minnesota.

As fans of the series will know all too well, Camp Crystal Lake was the place where Jason – or, perhaps more accurately (40-year-old spoiler alert) his mother, Mrs Voorhees – went on a rampage, carving up young campers and councillors in the 1980 slasher hit.

More specifically, seeing a chained up Jason deep beneath the surface is taken from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, in which character Tommy Jarvis does his best to end Jason’s consistent back-from-the-dead-to-kill-again powers by chaining him up and sending him to the bottom of Crystal Lake.

So in 2013, in homage to the flicks, artist Doug Klein decided to place a full-size statue – complete with hockey mask and enormous, terrifying machete – at the bottom of the Minnesota body of water, which is a popular place for divers in the land-locked state.

It’s not technically a lake either, but rather an old water-filled mine pit called Louise.

As for getting Jason to the pit’s bottom, Klein described the process as “a nightmare”.

“When I got him in the water, he would have worked as a standup paddleboard. He was so buoyant it was ridiculous,” Klein told Minnesota Monthly.

Klein’s friend, Curtis Lahr, posted the initial video of Jason on YouTube in 2014, along with directions on how to find the chained-up murderer. Lahr posted an updated video in 2017, showing that while he’s a little dirtier, Jason can still be found at the bottom of Louise.

Both videos have the classic quote from the film:

“Ma’am, we didn’t find any boy.”
“Then, he’s still there!”

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