Experiment shows how bullying is bad for everyone – plants included

In a revealing experiment by IKEA, it’s been found that bullying not only affects mental and emotional health, but also plant growth.

Done in collaboration with ad agency Memac Ogilvy Dubai, the experiment involved students making two recordings – one filled with insults and hurtful comments, and the other filled with compliments. They then made two plants listen to the recordings for 30 days.

The result? The one that got negative reinforcement wilted, while the other that received positive reinforcement bloomed!

IKEA experiment on bullying

While there’s no scientific proof to back up this demo, it has long been a belief of gardeners that plants grow faster if you sing to them. Plus, the MythBusters once found that plants living in silence grew slower than those that are spoken to (though there was no difference between those with positive or negative messages).

Whichever the case, IKEA is taking the experiment to more schools to teach children about bullying and its adverse effects.

“It has helped children and their families understand the impact that words can have,” said Vinod Jayan, managing director of IKEA UAE.

“It was so successful in driving awareness and reducing bullying amongst these children that more schools in the UAE have approached us to conduct the experiment at their locations.”

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