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A bear broke into a car so that he could eat two dozen cupcakes

To be honest, we would have done the same.

Last week in Rockaway Township, New Jersey, a black bear smashed a car window and stuffed itself silly with two dozen chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry vegan cupcakes.

Christine Allen, owner of Mo’ Pweeze Bakery, left the treats in her car on Wednesday night, ready for delivery. However, the next morning, they were all gone. What was left was a broken window, a paw print, and icing smeared everywhere.

“He ate every single one,” she said.

A broken car window

The bear, as it turns out, has become a frequent visitor in the area. Allen and her family first spotted the animal on April 21, and it has been making a mess since.

“He came one day and broke down the back fence to get in and he broke it again to get out,” said Allen. “Then he came back the next day and he was just relaxing in our backyard.”

She added that the next day, it broke their basement door and rummaged through the garbage. Then it lazed out in the sun in their backyard before destroying a section of fence to go back into the woods.

“Now he broke my window. He loves our house,” added Allen.

A broken fence

With the animal increasingly showing aggressive behaviour, local authorities are contemplating on euthanising it. Allen, however, doesn’t believe that is the right thing to do.

“We don’t want him to destroy our property. But we are very animal friendly, so we don’t want the bear to be killed. Animal cruelty is not what we do,” said Allen.

Hey, you really can’t blame the creature. Cupcakes are… imPAWsible to resist! I know, that was unBEARable. I’ll show myself out now.


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