Featured Image for These necklaces reveal sweet hidden messages in their shadows

These necklaces reveal sweet hidden messages in their shadows

Lockets are so passé. NYC-based designer Dario Narvaez has created a series of necklaces that reveal images using not secret compartments, but light and shadows.

The collection, called Invisible Love Necklace, features a minimalist design that using two components – a cylinder and a ring – conveys the shape of a hidden heart.

How it works is quite simple: when light hits the circle from the right angle, the shadow appears for everyone to see. Or the user can even flip it so that only he or she can see the shadow.

Invisible Love Necklace

According to Narvaez, he designed the necklaces to highlight the relationship between light, shadow, and form.

“Together these elements cleverly harmonize to create the iconic heart shape that reinforces the bonds between people like ‘the lassos of love,” he said, adding:

“This object aims to delve in ‘new links’ that are revealed by the action of factors such as time, fortuity, surprise and curiosity, sustained and inspired by love.”

Invisible Love Necklace

You can learn more about Dario Narvaez and his Invisible Love Necklace series here.

Invisible Love Necklace

Invisible Love Necklace

Invisible Love Necklace

Via Design Boom

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