Featured Image for Cops tried so hard to relate to young people by writing ‘popo’ on their cars

Cops tried so hard to relate to young people by writing ‘popo’ on their cars


The Bath Township Police department in Michigan has social media users divided after they posted a photo of one of their squad cars rebranded with the decal ‘popo’, a slang term referring to the cops.

The department, which is known for posting memes to try to connect with the community, explained:

“We are still struggling to really reach the younger folk out there. So in an effort to bridge that gap, we’ve decided to update our patrol car graphics in an attempt to be more relatable to the local youths.”

Many found the meme amusing, but some believed it went too far, citing that the joke had racist overtones.

“Yea let’s not only kill unarmed black People but make fun of their dialect too. Hell of an outreach,” said one commenter. Another added: “You do realize that it isn’t the 1990s, right?”

The department later clarified that the decals were fake, saying: “This is just a joke picture we made up in MS Paint, so we are still fully marked.”

What do you think? Epic meme or bad joke?

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