‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ but without music looks sooo awkward

Singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake might be the King of Cool, but after watching this video you might have second thoughts.

In his music video Can’t Stop The Feeling, JT is seen grooving to his track while eating pie at a diner, outside by a vintage car, in a grocery store, and while standing next to one of those inflatable tube men. He’s also accompanied by a bevy of colourful characters who stop at nothing to get down and boogey to the 2016 song.

But in the version YouTuber Jono Howan created, JT and his dancers are all a bit awkward. Ok, correction: a LOT awkward.

“Have you ever wondered how awkward it would be to shoot a music video without the backing track?” asks Howan.

The results are so cringe-worthy that the video has racked up 150,000 views as of writing.

I’m really hoping Justin Timberlake comments on this YouTube creation — I’ve got to know if shooting this video was really as awkward as it looks (even if music was involved).

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