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These pants prove there’s no hope for mankind after all

These jeans are without a doubt the most ridiculous item of clothing since the codpiece went out of fashion. And they serve even less of a purpose.

It’s a real struggle to see why the ‘extreme cut-out jean’ from Carmar Denim is retailing for AUD$223.

The more you pay the less you get? Not unlike a fancy gourmet restaurant – except in this case you don’t walk away feeling hungry, you walk away looking stupid.

Described by the LA fashion retailer as ‘high rise pants’ with ‘large statement cutouts on front and back’, these jeans have somehow managed to sell out after social media lost its shit somewhere between outrage and ecstasy.

So, if for some reason, you wanted to get your hands on a pair and join the dubious fashion elite you’ll have to put yourself down on the waiting list and sit tight.

Tell you what though, you could always go out and buy yourself a pair of scissors and spend a lazy sunday afternoon with a pair of your old ‘regular’ jeans.

The end result would be the same and you’d save yourself $215. How’s that for a life hack!

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