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Now you can wear mushrooms on your feet with these Vegan Sneakers

A new vegan sneaker design is giving a totally new meaning to foot fungus by turning mushrooms into environmentally friendly shoes. So now you can save a cow and look cool at the same time.

German designer sneaker brand, Nat-2, have teamed up with mushroom leather product designer extraordinaire Nina Fabert, to design the shoes.

They’re made from the mushroom known as “Tinder Sponge” – no, it didn’t get its name because you can swipe it right to get lucky – turns out the useful fungi was historically used to start fires.

And now, a small family-owned manufacturer in Italy create sneakers from the sponge by harvesting it by hand, testing it for a year, and then hand-working it further, in a process that takes two years in total.

Not only are the shoes hand-made, organic, vegan, chemical free, anti-septic and anti-bacterial, they’re even gluten free. They really are a hipster’s dream. Don’t eat them though, they’re inedible… trust me on that.

There are no listed prices for the footwear yet but nat-2’s other vegan sneakers are around $430 US a pair.

Totally worth it to be able to say to your friends: “dude, I’m saving the planet one step at a time.”

Via DesignBoom