Stircle: a device that stirs your coffee to help reduce waste

New York-based product designer Scott Amron has built a device that’ll help reduce the over 400 million plastic and wooden coffee stirring sticks thrown away EVERY DAY.

The invention, called the Stircle, is pretty easy to use. You embed it into a table, plug it in, and set your cup of coffee on the circular plate. It will then spin the container in both directions, making sure it’s stirred well. Just don’t forget to seal the lid on tightly.

At US$345 (AUS$460) apiece, the device is not cheap for home use, but according to Amron, it should be cost-effective for independent cafes and big coffee chains.

“A Stircle should stir 50,000 cups on about $0.10 of electricity or $0.000002 per stir. So, it costs 99% less to run than stir sticks. It can significantly reduce waste associated with stir stick production, distribution, transport, packaging, labeling, usage and disposal.

“It can also replace the spoon used by employees behind the counter, ensuring a consistent taste with zero cross-contamination.”


With scientists predicting that there’d be more plastics in the ocean than fish by 2050, this is certainly a welcome development. Hopefully, the idea would stick (no pun intended) and brands like Starbucks would include the technology in their stores.

You can head on over here to know more about the Stircle.

Via Geekologie

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