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This little robot can turn any surface into a canvas

Robots might not be able to take over the world yet, but they’re about to take over vertical surfaces soon.

Italian architecture firm Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) has developed an internet-connected writing robot that can draw and erase images and texts on any wall, window, or whiteboard, in real-time.

Called Scribit, the device is hung from two diagonal cables, and can be set up in just five minutes. Equipped with four erasable coloured markers and an eraser, it can move using inbuilt engines to ‘project’ anything you wish – from drawings and graphics to messages and notes.

“A restaurant can post the day’s menu on its wall, a financial firm can post stock market updates in its lobby, or someone who loves art can project a Van Gogh – or their own drawings – onto their bedroom wall,” architect Carlo Ratti told Dezeen.


The hope is that with Scribit, we’ll have an alternative to staring at screens all day, which has been found to have adverse effects on children.

“We are totally deluged with information, and spend too much of our non-sleeping time in front of one form or another of a digital screen – TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Do we really want to add more screens to our lives?” added Ratti.

“Scribit offers up an alternative: a robotic system that draws on any kind of vertical surface, following a primordial act performed by humanity since our first cave graffiti.”


If you’d like to learn more about Scribit, you can head on over here.




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