J.K. Rowling leaves Cursed Child cast speechless after surprise visit to Broadway rehearsal

The world of Harry Potter is getting bigger and better every year.

After the end of the original books (and then films), J.K. Rowling carried on feeding her fan base… as well as her bank balance. I wonder if she has an account at Gringotts?

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is the latest instalment in the franchise and the play has already taken audiences by storm in London.

Split into two parts (ka-ching!), the UK capital saw muggle fans booking tickets over six months in advance and queuing up around the block when the magical day finally came.

Critics raved about the wizardly special effects and, having had the honour of seeing both parts, I can confirm it’s pretty damn mind-boggling.

Now that the production has crossed the pond and landed in NYC it’s time for the original cast to dazzle a brand new audience.

That’s just what they were preparing to do last week when, in mid-rehearsal, an embarrassed-looking John Tiffany (director) announced that he had a friend who was a HUGE Potterhead.

Would the lot of them mind quickly saying hello to this superfan?

Ready with their best I’m-a-benevolent-celebrity-hello-puny-mortal expressions the assembled cast were treated to a real shock when none other than J.K. Rowling walked through the studio door.

The whole room treated the superstar author to a standing ovation, a few tears were shed and hugs exchanged as she told them how excited she was for the New York production to open.

Take a look at the video and you’ll be bidding for play tickets on eBay and booking your flight to the Big Apple in no time.

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