Featured Image for Photographer snaps pics of loneliness and isolation in a city of 8 million

Photographer snaps pics of loneliness and isolation in a city of 8 million

Though NYC is home to over 8 million people, the city can be an unwelcoming and lonely place for its residents at times.

Photographer Luc Kordas beautifully captures the loneliness of New York City in his latest black and white photography series, The New York Chronicles.

“Loneliness is New York’s leitmotif”, Kordas told PetaPixel.

“This feeling is palpable everywhere in the city — a place filled with 8 million people, many of whom are immigrants and transplants.

“I witness the isolation and seclusion every day. There are different shades of it”.

Those different shades of isolation and seclusion include residents on ferries, at the beach, trekking through snowy streets, and on the subway.

It’s hard to believe that anyone gets time to themselves in such a crowded city, but Kordas has the perfect eye for capturing moments of pure detachment from the hustle and bustle.

“Ironically, despite New York’s density, it is not hard to feel alone. So many people are focused on money or careers, that’s why they come here, there’s little time left for relationships or hanging out.

“William Klein said of New York it is a monument to the dollar. The dollar is responsible for everything, good or bad. Everybody comes for it, no one can resist it. Everyone’s busy.

“Although it isn’t difficult to find company, many of the interactions we have with each other are shallow. It’s easy to be lonely and anonymous in a city like this”.

See more of Luc Kordas’ work on his website and follow him on Instagram, here.

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