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Kanye goes full Kanye on Twitter in praise of Trump

Kanye West has unleashed on Twitter in support of the 45th US President.

Tweeting up a storm in support and praise of Mr Make America Great Again himself, Kanye even posted a couple of selfies with Trump dignitaries and scored a re-tweeted from the Orange Man President.

After sharing several video clips from Dilbert creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams, Kanye told his 27.8 million Twitter followers that nobody on Earth could stop him from loving the 45th President of the United States.

Because Kanye has Dragon Energy and so does the President.

Ahhh, so that’s what it is.

Dragon energy must be like Tiger Blood, but way more like, dragony and alt, right?

In response to the incoming waves of criticism for endorsing the most heavily maligned US leader in living memory, Kanye said, in true Kanye style, that he doesn’t really care about the President’s politics.

It’s more that Kanye approves Trump’s seeming disdain for public opinion.

Regardless of politics, Kanye believes people should be able to express their ideals and views and not care what anyone thinks of them, like Kanye.

The alt-right groups in America have jumped on this latest bandwagon in support of his views, which are becoming (at least publicly) more aligned with the right than not.

Last Sunday, he tweeted his admiration for a woman named Candace Owens

Candance Owens works for Turning Point USA, a right-wing non-profit largely focused on advocating the benefits of a completely free market while also condemning any further acceptance of gay or trans people.

Turning Point USA are also vocally critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Owens describes herself and her work with Turning Point USA as “a black revolution for the conservative movement”.

Apparently, dragon energy has greatness which can’t be stopped… unless your wife reads your tweets and makes you explain yourself

Maybe Kanye should stick to what he does best