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This robot can paint better than we can

Japanese artist Masato Yamaguchi had the radical idea of giving a robot something better to do than clean his floor.

Maybe it was an existential experiment, a fun idea or an attempt to automate his work life; he decided to create a different kind of art piece.

Yamaguchi took an everyday cleaning robot and gave it an unusual upgrade; the ability to paint – he had succeeded in his mission to bring robotic painting to the world.

The artist named his robot Mr Head, and gave Mr Head two bottles of paint as its body and a set of autonomous commands.

These commands are what allowed Mr Head to dribble paint onto a surface as it moved around, creating abstract works of art.

Yamaguchi had made Mr Head so that his robot features allowed him to paint in a unique and mechanical, geometric style. “What is a robot’s identity, what is its sense of beauty?”

He searches for an answer to these questions through his artwork. His most popular works include “Spring Worm Hole” and “Spring Starburst”.

You might be surprised to find out that Mr Head is 15 years old. He has suffered from some technical difficulties in the past and has even experienced a period of hiatus. Until now…

Masato Yumaguchi and Mr Head have a kickstarter campaign to get Mr Head back to creating art.

Pledges start at 100 yen or $1 AU, you can get rewards including t-shirts and original prints created by Mr Head.

The most expensive item will cost you a million yen, or about $12,100 AU for an original one-of-a-kind paintings on canvas and mounted on a wooden panel.

Help spread the message and get robotic art out there!

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