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Wellington woman is diagnosed with “lesbianism” by her family doctor

Of all the ailments you can be diagnosed with these days, the most bizarre? Lesbianism, apparently.

Charlotte discovered the “lesbianism” diagnosis when a letter was sent to a specialist for a referral.

She then double checked online while looking through her ‘Manage My Health’ app.

Along with other health conditions, the fact that Charlotte is gay seemed to stand out so much to her doctor that it was logged on her health chart.

Charlotte posted a screenshot of her diagnosis to the Facebook group Vic Deals, asking if any medical students were around to tell her more.

“Just looked on the managemyheath app and seen this diagnosis. Whats the prognosis? How long do I have?!?”

Many online users have come to Charlotte’s defense, but she doesn’t seem too phased with the “diagnosis”.

“Didn’t know that was a diagnosis but all good”, Charlotte told the NZ Herald. “It doesn’t really bother me, it’s just weird, I think. It would bother other people… if I were sensitive about that sort of stuff I would probably get quite upset about that. It’s not a disease”.

Some people who commented on Charlotte’s Facebook post believe the diagnosis of being gay is simply so doctors didn’t have to ask her about contraception. Others think it might have been a system error.

Since the story broke, Charlotte has received an apology from her regular doctor (who was not the one handing out bogus diagnosis) and a tonne of support from people who think this is just as nuts as she thinks it is.

Via NZ Herald

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