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Which coffee house squatter are you? Tell the truth!

Let’s face it, there comes a time — usually after the third hour — where you’re no longer a coffee shop customer, but a squatter. 

No one will really have the courage to tell you, but it’s true.

Once that latte has been sipped and you’ve downed a free cup of water, it’s time to head on out of there… not make a home in the comfiest spot of the store.

Maybe you did it in college, cramming for an exam with an all-night coffee buzz. Or maybe you took a 19th-century lit class and thought a local coffee shop was ideal for working on your great Australian novel.

Whatever it was, you’ve definitely been one of these hilarious coffee house squatters, imagined by the CBC comedy team.

You might not be a coffee purist, a cheap retiree or even held an interview at a coffee shop, but come on, we’ve ALL been the “Can you hold my stuff” coffee shop squatter, right? It’s totally not our fault.

Coffee house squatters

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