Featured Image for Italian hairstylist covers 1975 Fiat in 120kg of HUMAN hair… and it’s roadworthy!

Italian hairstylist covers 1975 Fiat in 120kg of HUMAN hair… and it’s roadworthy!

The hairiest car in the world is a Fiat 500 which is covered in 120kg of human hair.

If you never thought you’d see that sentence, welcome to one of the craziest world records we’ve ever heard of.

Hairstylist Maria Lucia Mugno is behind this bizarre world record that took 150 hours and over $106,000. But don’t put all the blame on her! She was actually dared by a friend to do this.

“My inspiration came from a dare, a bet, whilst I was working”, she told Barcroft TV.

“My friend didn’t think I was capable of making a car that was entirely covered in real hair. And when he saw my finished work of art, he was completely shocked by what I’d made”.

To make the car as hairy as possible, Maria covered every inch of the Fiat except for the engine (for obvious reasons), which increased the vehicle’s weight by 20% in total! The car’s hair has been disinfected, washed, bleached, dyed, and dried by hand.

And to keep it in tip-top shape, Maria even shampoos the hair every week, hand dries it and even trims it. Unfortunately, though, it’s not really suited to rainy days — imagine trying to dry 120kg of hair after a downpour!

The car has been up for auction before, but the reserve price wasn’t met so Maria has a bit more time with her hairy creation. Perhaps it’ll go up for auction again and you can bid on it.

And why wouldn’t you? Everyone craves driving a hairy Fiat, right?

Via Jalopnik

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