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Girl slays prom with Michael B Jordan cardboard cutout as her date

Most girls could only dream of taking their celebrity crush to prom. But not high school senior Audeva Agyeman. She really did take her celeb crush to prom – or at least, his cardboard cutout, that is.

According to the 17-year-old from Philadelphia, she came up with the hilarious idea after all of her guy friends passed up on going to prom with her.

“I asked my friend Tyler but he couldn’t come because of college stuff,” said Agyeman. “My other friend Dillon was going with someone else, and everyone else said no because ‘why would I go to an all-girl school prom?’”

Out of options, Agyeman decided to go all in and asked her true love, Black Panther star Michael B Jordan, to be her date. Luckily for her, his cardboard cutout said yes!

“My options were Chance the Rapper or Michael B Jordan because both are fine,” said Agyeman. “I think the main reason I opted for Michael is because of his recent rise up because of Black Panther. But don’t get it twisted, I loved him way back.”

The sweet couple had the best night ever. They walked to the venue together, got everyone hyped up, and even danced to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud together. Aww!

She later posted pics of their romantic night, and everyone was for it.

Although the two eventually had to part ways (the cutout got vandalised later in the evening), Agyeman hopes she could go out on a second date with him. The real one this time.

“My ultimate hope from all of this is to go on Ellen and meet him,” she said.

No word on the Ellen appearance yet, but Jordan has already expressed his love for the stunt. On an Instagram picture he commented: “This is called commitment!”

#TSRCutTheFoolery: Sis said she was going to her prom with her celeb crush one way or another 😩😂 #MichaelBJordan (SWIPE) via. @de.gye

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Now that’s what you call out of the box thinking. Good job, Audeva!

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