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A kangaroo died after idiot zoo visitors threw bricks at her

Remind me again why animals are the ones locked inside cages instead of humans?

Last month, visitors at the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian, China, threw bricks at a 12-year-old female kangaroo to make it hop. As a result, the poor marsupial suffered a severe foot wound, then three days later, it died. It’s believed that she passed away from internal bleeding caused by a ruptured kidney.

As for the culprits? They got away.

“A staff member spotted bricks being thrown into [the enclosure] and went out to seek out the culprits, but no one owned up to it,” said the vet Chen Xiaoli. “There were too many visitors around, so we had no way of finding them.”

A kangaroo in China

But it doesn’t end there. Only weeks later, a five-year-old roo suffered the same horrible foot injury. Again due to people throwing bricks at it to get it to move.

A kangaroo in China

The zoo now plans on having security cameras installed to prevent incidents like this from happening again. Jason Baker, Asia VP of PETA, however, commented that this measure simply won’t work.

“Cruel acts like this are yet another danger that animals in zoos face. Visitors also do animals harm by throwing food and garbage into their enclosures, causing them extreme stress.

“Installing CCTV cameras won’t solve the problem – as long as people purchase tickets to the zoo, animals will continue to be at risk. PETA asks anyone who cares about animals to avoid all attractions that exploit them. Don’t go to zoos.”

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