Featured Image for We got a feeling this guy got the wrong ASOS order

We got a feeling this guy got the wrong ASOS order

TV and radio presenter Dylan Evans has experienced one of the most fortunate order mishaps we’ve ever seen.

It’s not uncommon to get orders mixed up when you shop online. When you buy clothes especially, there are even more chances the product that arrives at your door doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

But as far as online shopping blunders go, this one takes things to a whole new level.

Dylan Evans went onto ASOS to order black jeans and gold aviator sunglasses, but received something a bit more sassy.

Surprisingly, his new cut-out shoulder, ruffled red dress fit him like a glove. It fit him so well, that even the brand acknowledged it.

ASOS, of course, complimented Evans for how gallantly he rocks the outfit and offered him a swap.

But plenty of users are asking the company to actually let him keep the garment. After all, it would be a crime to waste such a dream outfit.

There’s still no word from Evans on whether he was allowed to keep his fabulous dress or not, but he’s got so much positive feedback on the matter he even updated his Twitter profile with his new, stunning look.

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