Featured Image for The “Duck of the Day” Twitter account is the purest thing we’ve seen all year

The “Duck of the Day” Twitter account is the purest thing we’ve seen all year

We all need a pick me up occasionally.

Sometimes that might come in the form of an alcoholic beverage at the end of the day, or indulging in your fave trashy-TV programme.

Other times, it comes in the form of scrolling through a Twitter page dedicated solely to ducks.

You read that right.

Duck of the Day does exactly what it says on the tin. Every day, a new duck photo is posted and to be honest, it’s just heartwarming and down-right adorable.

Be still my beating heart.

The Twitter bio expressly notes, geese may occasionally be featured.

And we’re so glad they are.

If you’re looking for duck-puns and duck related jokes, you’ll need to look elsewhere. This account has a very direct purpose – post the duck, write the date and go.

We’re not even complaining.

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