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Dog no longer a good boy after he’s arrested for attacking a deer

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? Well, definitely not this law-breaking pup.

In Ontario recently, a sweet dog named Finn ended up behind bars. His notorious crime? He ran after a deer.

According to pet owner Emme Thompson, her dad and his girlfriend went out on a walk with Finn. They let him off his leash since he usually stays nearby.

“However this time he must have heard or smelled a deer nearby because he took off into the bush. He ignored any calls and whistles,” Thompson told TODAY.

The couple kept looking but couldn’t find their dear canine. But as it turned out, someone had called the cops, and Finn was already in custody.

“The officer said it is against animal bylaws for dogs to be chasing deer and that someone may be in contact with us,” said Thompson, who studies at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

Her dad thought it was funny seeing their pet looking forlorn in the back seat of a police SUV, so he took a photo. She then shared the image on Twitter, and it instantly went viral, even getting its own hashtag: #FreeFinn.

Not to worry though. The cops were nice enough to let Finn go despite his crime

“Finn was only held in the car for a few minutes and it seems the police treated him very well, considering what could have happened,” she said. “He is by no means dangerous or vicious and I’m sure the police officer could tell that once he arrived to get Finn.”

They could’ve given the Thompsons a fine too, but they chose to leave a warning instead. Hopefully from now on, Finn will once again be a good boy and follow the law.

“We’re absolutely blown away with the response this has gotten, thankfully most of it good. I’m excited to get home and see Finn! I miss him,” she said.


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