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Legendary Aussie dog leads rescuers to a three-year-old girl lost in the bush

A 17-year-old deaf, partially blind blue heeler has been made an honorary police dog after his key role in the rescue of a young girl on Saturday morning.

The three-year-old girl, Aurora, was reported missing at 3:00pm on Friday afternoon after she wandered away from her family home in Cherry Gulley, about 30 kilometres south of Warwick, Queensland.

Luckily for Aurora, loyal family doggo, Max, noticed something wasn’t right, and despite being deaf, mostly blind, and 17-years-old stuck to her heels her as she wandered into the bush.

Wet weather and rugged bushland meant that the young girl was not found until about 8:00am on Saturday morning, over 15 hours since she first disappeared.

The whole time she was missing the loyal family dog, stayed by her side, comforting and protecting the young girl in spite of his age. The rescue team of over 100 State Emergency Service volunteers, police, family members and Aboriginal trackers first spotted Max, who led them to Aurora.

She was found about two kilometres away from the property, smelling strongly of the friendly dog, who she slept with overnight.

Despite the cold, rain, and harsh environmental obstacles such as steep mountains and thick vegetation, Aurora only suffered a few minor scratches, and was in good spirits when she was found.

Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Marie Bennett, was especially thankful to the Aboriginal trackers who helped to locate Aurora, saying “I would really like to thank the traditional owners, the skills and the knowledge of the Aboriginal trackers who came out and helped us look for Aurora was incredible.”

Queensland police praised Max on social media, declaring him an honorary police dog on Saturday afternoon.