Watch: Man trying to enjoy eating 117-year-old army ration beef

If you think your weeks-old leftovers are awful, try eating beef that’s over a century old.

That’s what YouTuber ‘steve1989MREInfo’ did recently, having a meal made from an army ration that dates back to the Second Boer War, which ended in 1902.

In the video above, you can see Steve with his 117-year-old rations tin containing ridiculously old cocoa powder and processed beef. He tries it raw, and finds it unbearable. He then later follows the ration’s cooking instructions and boils the stale meat for an hour. Surprise, surprise – still unbearable.

“Eww,” he says in the video.

As Sploid notes, army food at its freshest is already unsavoury. So you can just imagine how much worse it tastes after sitting idly for a hundred years.

Interestingly, the preserved beef isn’t the oldest thing Steve has eaten. He previously obtained a cracker that dates back to the Civil War. We’re not sure what’s more impressive: how Steve manages to get a hold of these precious artifacts, or how he’s still alive to tell us all about it.

You do you, Steve! You do you!

Via Sploid

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