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Man bites boy’s face in front of everyone in Sydney shopping mall

A young boy was assaulted and bitten on the cheek in front of a crowd of horrified shoppers and passersby at a Sydney shopping centre on Monday morning.

13-year-old Deklan Manley was with a friend at the Macquarie Shopping Centre food court when two men approached them asking if they knew where to buy drugs. The teen said he didn’t know, and the attacker answered he “better come for a f***ing walk.”

Deklan Manley refused to comply and that’s when things went full on The Walking Dead mode.

“He bent down and touched my TNs [sneakers] and told me to give them to him. He said I had to give them to him or he’d snap my neck,” recalled Manley. “I said why don’t you buy your own and pushed him away because I wasn’t going to give my shoes to him.”

The scuffle ended with the assailant biting him on the cheek. Fortunately, Deklan managed to escape and his injuries were treated at a nearby medical centre.

Jackie Manley, Deklan’s mum, stated she was alarmed that no one helped her son, and that the perpetrators were able to walk away without any resistance from the shopping mall’s security.

“Why didn’t they call. I’d have called if I was too scared to intervene in the fight, I wouldn’t just stand and gawk especially when you see the age difference.”

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“Unfortunately an incident occurred at Macquarie Centre which resulted in a customer being assaulted and subsequently requiring medical attention,” said a spokesperson for the Macquarie Shopping Centre.

“The safety and welfare of our customers, retailers and employees is our top priority and we continue to assist police with their enquiries.”

Police obtained CCTV footage from the shopping centre plus mobile phone clips of the zombie-like assault and they say it’s “only a matter of time” before the suspects are caught.

Authorities say the weird occurrence is not usual for the area.

“The motivation for the actual incident at this stage we are not aware of – we believe it was a random attack,” said NSW Police Acting Superintendent Jason Weinstein.

The perpetrator is believed to be blonde, have short and shaved hair, and the letter ‘K’ tattooed on the back of his left hand. The attacker was last seen wearing green cargo pants, a grey hooded jumper, and a black baseball cap.

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