Featured Image for You can now play Star Wars’ ARKit-powered holochess for free on iOS

You can now play Star Wars’ ARKit-powered holochess for free on iOS

Thanks to modern technology, you won’t need to be on the Millennium Falcon to play holochess (officially called Dejarik, if you’re going to be nerdy about it). You just need an iPhone!

Disney has launched the iconic Star Wars holochess game for free on iOS. An update to last year’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, the chess-inspired game no longer requires users to buy extra hardware such as a headset. It’s now powered by ARKit, so anyone with an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 can enjoy it.

Note: the other games in Jedi Challenges – such as the lightsaber duels and tactical combat simulator – will still require official hardware, though.

Star Wars

Although we’re not sure if it comes with a giant hairy alien sidekick for an opponent (“Let the Wookie win!”), the game does come with 18 levels spread across six planets, with eight unlockable board game creatures.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is available now at the app store.

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