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Reporter fired for calling The Bachelor contestants “vapid c*nts”

The Daily Mail is in hot water yet again. This time, they’re being criticised for describing Bachelor contestants as “vapid c*nts.”

The article, which was published over the weekend, talked about contestant Florence Alexandra and her skin care regimen. It was only when a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the story that Daily Mail Australia’s senior staff corrected it.

The controversial paragraph read: “Most people who were educated at a high-school level know these vapid cunts only go on the shows to find mediocre Instagram fame and make a living promoting teeth whiteners and unnecessary cosmetic procedures.”

It’s believed that the reporter was writing the article on Google Word due to dilemmas with the site’s content management system but accidentally copy and pasted the malicious paragraph. She explained that the words she wrote were for her eyes only.

Can someone please let @osher_gunsberg know that I won’t be making an appearance on @bachelorinparadiseau tonight? I’m busy at @omniabali. Just kidding obviously – ya better tune in. 7.30, channel TEN! 🦋🌀💙💦

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Daily Mail Australia has since fired the reporter and apologised. Alexandra, however, has commented that she’s consulting with her lawyers following the nasty remark.

“That’s not a word I would ever use, even for someone I don’t like,” she said.

“She [the reporter] is allowed to think that, of course, but the article was not even an opinion, she stated it as fact. I didn’t even know what vapid meant, apparently I’m boring, dull and a cunt — I’m talking to my lawyers about taking action.”

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