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Be a fun guy and rent this unique mushroom house in New York

Why live in a square house when you can live in a mushroom house? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re probably not alone.

The Mushroom House in New York state has recently become a viral sensation due to the home’s incredible fungi-like design.

But it wasn’t a mushroom at all that inspired local architect James H. Johnson to design the creative space in the 1960s. It was actually a stem of Queen Anne’s lace; a light and delicate white flower that blooms into separate segments. Johnson designed the house in collaboration with 20 other artists who wanted a “great space for friends and family in artistic harmony with nature.”

The home stretches 4,200 square feet and has three bedrooms. Throughout the house you’ll find handcrafted tile work and mahogany finishes, decorative branches, and rooms that almost resemble little caves.

Like what you’re reading? Then you should probably head to Pittsford, NY to rent this beauty out. Currently, the home is on the rental market for around US$7,000 (AUS$9,000) per month through Hunt Real Estate.

Mushroom House

Mushroom House

Mushroom House

Mushroom House

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