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People can’t believe what this illusion can do if they stare long enough

No smoke and mirrors here. Just good ‘ol science.

Over on Reddit, a blurry image has everyone in pleasant disbelief whenever it vanishes right in front of their very eyes. The trick is pretty simple: Just stare at the tiny dot at the centre for 10 to 20 seconds, and you’ll notice that the colours start to fade until everything just disappears.

It’s really amusing. Here, try it out:

An optical illusion

The optical illusion works thanks to a principle called Troxler Fading. It’s when shapes and colours in the periphery blur after you focus on a single element for too long.

“The effect comes into play because your brain can only take in so much information at one time,” explained Design Taxi. “Just like the way a camera fixates on singular objects, your mind might fade out background elements that you aren’t looking at or mesh them together with surrounding stimuli.”

Here’s another illusion that uses the same principle.

Now, how do I use Troxler Fading to make my student loans disappear?

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