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A missing dog was found by the cops because it can sing

In Israel, police officers were able to identify a missing Siberian Husky because of the animal’s unusual musical taste.

The dog was reported missing in the city of Beersheva, located in the southern district of Israel. While officers were on routine patrol in the Bedouin town of Tel Sheva in the Negev Desert, they spotted a husky that matched the description of the missing animal, albeit visibly malnourished.

Officers found the canine chilling out with a group of teenagers who claimed the animal already had that scrawny appearance when they found him in a nearby field.

Suspecting they had stumbled upon the reported animal, officers contacted the owner to suggest him to drive over to identify the pooch.

The owner stated he had a much more infallible way of knowing if it was his dog.

His husky is able to sing, and only performs his stylish howls along two songs. One is the theme from Israeli sitcom Shemesh and the other is the intro tune of the popular PBS children’s programme, Arthur.

The officers did try out the curious test and surprise! The adorable husky started to howl to the theme song of Shemesh. After the unusual ID test, owner and pet were reunited at long last.

It’s still unknown though if the dog will participate in next year’s The Voice.

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