These ASMR soap-cutting videos are so satisfying, we can’t stop watching them

From lollipop sucking to pimple popping, there’s something to suit everyone in the world of ASMR videos.

And the latest video trend is actually the most satisfying one yet.

Nobody wins any prizes for guessing what soap cutting ASMR videos involve, you take a knife to a bar of soap… and slice away.

But there is actually something to be said for these videos, because we just can’t stop watching them.

With over 414k followers on her Instagram, @ASMR_Soap_Princess really is soap cutting royalty.

With over 445 videos to boot, each one involves carving into a different soap, with the soaps featured ranging in colour and texture.

Who knew something so simple would bring us the most mesmerising 30 seconds of our life?

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