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This is the story of Jose Luis, the fan that played with The Killers and absolutely crushed it

It doesn’t matter how fondly you remember that time when Dave Grohl threw a water bottle on your head, this guy has topped your best concert experience tenfold.

American band The Killers is inviting fans to play a song with them in every gig of their 2018 tour.

Concertgoers with musical knowledge bring to the venues signs where they announce their particular talent and the song they want to perform, hoping the band will pick them out to give them a moment on stage.

In their stop at Dublin for example, they picked a fan called Sean to play keyboards for their performance of “Dustland Fairytale”.

That moment when Brandon brings a fan on stage to play Dustland 😍 #thekillers #brandonflowers #dublin #dustlandfairytale #3arena #wonderfulwonderful

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And in their stop in Bogota, many fans sat in the drummer’s chair and failed before one talented and lucky drummer finally nailed it.

You may have seen our last post on Jose Luis Hernandez, the 24-year-old who nailed the drums in the South-American capital.

But how do you even get picked to show off to your favourite band in front of thousands of other fans?

Well, Jose Luis Hernandez is (obviously) a hardcore The Killers fan and a musician himself.

According to Mexican blog Sopitas, José Luis, who’s currently studying music in his hometown, had been saving his pennies since past September to buy a VIP ticket to his dream concert.

One day on Youtube, he found a clip of Brandon, a Canadian guy who was lucky enough to get picked to play “For Reasons Unknown” in the recent The Killer’s concert in Toronto.

He contacted Brandon and asked him all about the experience, and of course, inquired for some tips he could apply in order to replicate the outcome at the Mexico gig.

Hola a todos 🙂 así lucía mi cartel una noche antes, muchísimas gracias por su apoyo, muchísimas gracias por estar y hacer mi sueño realidad… estoy respondiendo tan rápido como puedo perdonen el retraso #Joseluis

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Luis spent months practising “For Reasons Unknown” every single day, sometimes in double or triple sessions no matter how tired or how unmotivated he felt.

He perfected his performance, made the best sign he could, and that 5th of April woke up at 5AM to be one of the first in line.

But there is a dramatic plot point in this story.

When the time came for the band to pick the lucky fan to go on stage, they ignored Luis at first and picked another fan.

Por qué ustedes lo pidieron, y yo estoy para complacerlos "The Ronnie Vannucci sticks" En verdad no me alcanzan las palabras para agradecerles a todos y cada uno de los que hacen esto posible #joseluis #thekillers #forosol #mexican #zildjian

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“When I saw they picked that other dude my whole world came crumbling down. I thought to myself, how can I not cry?” He said.

But, just like in every hero’s crusade there is a plot twist.

The other guy sucked so hard the band kicked him off stage and handed Luis the opportunity, and boy did he not disappoint.

Hernandez climbed up to the drum set with confidence and simply owned the song to the delight of an audience of 65,000 that ended up ecstatically chanting his name.

Now if this isn’t begging to be the next Seth Rogen film then I don’t know what does…

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