Featured Image for Awkward video editing makes it look like this gymnast has a ‘rainbow bum’

Awkward video editing makes it look like this gymnast has a ‘rainbow bum’

Although gymnast Katherine Uchida won a silver medal recently at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, people paid more attention to something else about her: her ‘rainbow bum’.

A viral image of the Canadian athlete shows her seemingly shooting rainbows from her behind as she performs her gymnastics routine. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with Ms Uchida. The dazzling display was due to some poorly-timed, poorly-placed editing by Channel 7.

Gold Coast Bulletin columnist Ann Wason Moore spotted the editing faux pas while watching the competition and shared the clip with the caption: “My favourite gymnastics move… shooting rainbows out of your butt.”

Katherine Uchida

Others on social media had punchlines of their own too. One said, “I thought pretty girls farted glitter, but rainbows is just as cool!” Another added, “Why can’t childbirth be like this.”

Katherine Uchida

Jokes aside, Uchida finished the Individual All-Around Rhythmic Gymnastics event with flying colours. I’m talking about her performance, not the rainbows. She earned a silver medal for her country.

“Coming into this competition I had no idea what to expect, and I worked so hard to get here,” she said. “There is so much satisfaction in knowing that I finally got to show what I can do, and to get a medal for Canada is just unreal.”

Via News.com.au