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Artist upcycles discarded items as containers for stunning corals and plants

Instead of throwing away items like broken plates, tin cans, and jars, French artist Stephanie Kilgast does something better with them: she turns the items into art.

The Vannes, France-based creative repurposes discarded objects by making them a part of her hyperrealistic sculptures. Using polymer clay and a vibrant colour palette, she ‘grows’ lifelike corals, plants, and even little animals on top of the materials, transforming ugly into beauty.

According to Kilgast, each sculpture takes about a week to complete. It’s a time-consuming and laborous recycling process, but she hopes that the finished works remind us of our impact on the environment.

“Inspired by natural forms, Stéphanie Kilgast’s artwork is an ode to nature,” her artist statement reads. “She grows colorful organic sculptures on human-made objects, celebrating the beauty of nature in a dialogue with humanity, questioning the lost balance between human activities and nature.”

Previously, Kilgast worked on a series called Daily Mini Veggie, wherein she made a tiny sculpture of a fruit or vegetable daily for 233 days.

If you’d like to see more of Kilgast’s work, you can check out her website.

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