What Fortnite would look like if it came out in the ’90s

With Epic Games’ Fortnite making US$2M (AUS$2.5M) daily on mobile alone, it’s safe to say that it’s the biggest game of the year. But what if it came out in a different year? Say, in 1997. Would it still be as popular?

YouTuber ‘Squirrel-Monkey’ continues their Wonders of the World Wide Web series by reimagining Fortnite as a 1990’s MS-DOS game. It still features the same elements from the game, except that everything’s flat and grainy.

For instance, in the demo video above, we get to see a vintage version of the Fortnite lobby page, as well as a two-dimensional Battle Bus. The best part is how the gameplay resembles the one from Doom, what with its hallway-like map and simple weapons interface.

If you’re familiar with the Fortnite community, you might also spot a little-known player called Ninja. What a noob, getting killed by an ax!

There are more amusing takes from the Wonders of the World Wide Web series, including a 1990s version of Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. Head on over here to see more.

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