WTF! A drone delivers the Eucharist at a church service

Nice to know that the Catholic Church is keeping up with the times.

In Brazil, a Catholic Church has sparked outrage after it hooked up a monstrance containing the Eucharist to a drone. The following video shows the congregation of Sao Geraldo Magela church in celebration as the drone makes its way to the altar.

On social media, people have criticised the move, calling it a mockery.

“This is so sacrilegious,” said one commenter on the church’s Facebook page. A fellow Catholic priest, meanwhile, said: “They have desecrated the Eucharist. You should be ashamed of these priests.”

This isn’t the first time a church has used modern technology as a gimmick. In the Philippines, another priest was slammed for using a hoverboard during Christmas mass.

Via Geekologie

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