Featured Image for This London bar has a dog drink menu so your pet can get drunk with you

This London bar has a dog drink menu so your pet can get drunk with you

In celebration of National Pet Month, Smith & Whistle in London will be having a cocktail night for dogs, complete with a new ‘dogtail’ menu.

The menu is said to be the city’s first permanent drinks list made entirely for canine consumption. According to the bar website, the offering is a “unique collaboration between the bar’s mixology team and David Jackson, a specialist canine nutritionist.”

The menu has four drinks available. There’s the Poochie Colada, a blend of coconut water, broccoli, and kale. The Bubbly Bow Wow, which mixes pup-friendly ‘pawsecco’ and liquefied blueberries. A refreshing ginger tonic called G&T. And finally, a mint-infused doggie beer named Hound’s Hops.

Smith & Whistle

No need to worry about your pooch having a bit too much and having a ruff time the morning after. All drinks are tasty yet non-alcoholic.

Also, in honour of last year’s most popular dog name, the bar has temporarily renamed itself to Smith & Whistle & Max.

To find out more about the promotion, head on over here.

Smith & Whistle

Smith & Whistle

Smith & Whistle

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