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Japanese women are chasing away criminals with boyfriend silhouettes!

Living alone comes with its perks, but in Tokyo where home invasions have steadily increased, a new service has been created to dupe criminals into thinking someone is always at home to fend off wannabe home invaders. 

Man on the Curtain is the genius project of Japanese company Leo Palace 21, which produces shadows of “men at work” projected onto curtains — much like how Kevin scared off the two burglars in Home Alone with his human-like shadow puppets.

Twelve different moving silhouettes have been created for Man on the Curtain, which include a single man working out, boxing, vacuuming, doing the laundry, and even practicing a spot of yoga. To get the silhouettes to project onto the curtain, your smartphone hooks up to a projector and this loops each action for 30 minutes (enough for any home invader to grow bored and move on, if you ask me).

To make the silhouettes appear real, users need to project the videos onto white curtains in the dark.

While the anti-invasion kit was created with women in mind, this is definitely something everyone can use to defend their castle if you’re really not into housemates or getting a guard dog.

No word yet on when or if this will ever be available to the public, but the company is giving away free kits to five lucky winners.

Check out some of the silhouettes users can choose to loop below.

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