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This tiny home has its own climbing wall, and it looks great!

Like others who have downsized to a tiny house, Mississippi couple Breck and Kelsey brought only the essentials into their new home – and by essentials, they mean their very own rock climbing wall.

The pair, looking to pursue their hobby while on the road, worked with Oregon-based design and manufacturing company Tiny Heirloom to bring their vision to life. The result of their partnership is a stunning trailer house called Tiny Adventure Home.

The modern dwelling features a reconfigurable rock climbing wall on its façade, allowing Breck and Kelsey to do some bouldering anytime, anywhere.

Other key features of the exterior includes a standard door, as well as a large glazed door that opens upwards, connecting the home with the outdoors.

Tiny Heirloom

The interior, meanwhile, is spacious and airy, thanks largely to a huge window and a quaint colour scheme. The layout places the kitchen at the centre with the bathroom and built-in dining nook (with enough seats for up to six people) flanking it.

Above these spaces are two lofts. The first is placed over the dining area, and accommodates a small office and lounge area. The second, the one above the bathroom, contains the bedroom which has a cozy king size bed.

To top it off, the place comes with high-quality finishes and the luxurious contemporary details. Suffice to say, this is one house that won’t drive you up the wall – it’ll just let you climb it.

Tiny Heirloom

We recently spoke with Tiny Heirloom to know more about the work they did with Tiny Adventure Home.

Tell us a little about your background. How did you get into the tiny house movement? How would you describe your work or your style?

“We grew up on construction sites as our father was a master carpenter and contractor. He taught us all the tricks of the trade which propelled us to start our own residential construction company when I was 18.

“We built traditional residential housing for about four years before we decided to try our hands at a tiny home. From what we could tell, the tiny home industry was heavily saturated with cabin-like, very raw tiny homes with not much style.

“We decided to take a new product to the market that bridged the gap between high-end mansions and rustic tiny homes. Our goal was and is to create a way for people to downsize but upgrade at the same time. Our precise and new aesthetic in the tiny home world hit the market by storm and went viral which propelled us to start Tiny Heirloom.”

Tiny Heirloom

What was the project brief?

“Our clients approached us with the idea of taking adventure with them wherever they go. Both keen rock climbers and outdoors people they gave us a few specifics of what they wanted to see in their design that enabled them to do this.

“A completely custom molded rock wall on the entire side of the tiny house was definitely not on the radar at this time but turned out to be exactly what they were looking for.”

Tiny Heirloom

What challenges did you encounter as you were trying to meet your project goals? And how did you solve these challenges?

“The two biggest design challenges was physical constraints and weight limits. This project demanded we push past conventional design and find or create ways to capture our clients’ unique aesthetic while also abiding by our legal or physical constraints.

“Everything in this house was custom built specifically for this project and by sourcing materials that not only fit the bill aesthetically but weight wise as well helped us create a one of a kind tiny home that truly appeals to all the senses.”

Tiny Heirloom

Please take us through your creative process. Where did you turn to for inspiration?

“Our creative process really starts with an in-depth consultation with each client. We really try to get a feel for who they are and what they love.

“From there, together we make mood boards of design styles that inspire and are in line with both parties and then hit the drawing board. When our design team brainstorms on a project it seems like nothing is impossible.

“Creativity really comes alive when we start bouncing ideas back and forth and dreaming without limitations, then refine it afterwards.”

Tiny Heirloom

What’s your favourite part about the Tiny Adventure Home?

“By far the rock wall on the side of the tiny house. The way it brought our clients vision to life is truly rewarding but it’s also simply amazing if I don’t say so myself.

“Besides the obvious in the rock wall, I’d say the unique interior design style of modern industrialism, with the metal and glass garage door and concrete countertops, mixed with boho craftsman, bright colors and with high-end detailed wood working, created a truly unique aesthetic that seems to really captivate and inspire all who see it including myself.”

Tiny Heirloom

What would be your dream creative project?

“We’d love to take on some highly creative and challenging projects, especially with our prefab product line that allows us to place tiny homes on permanent foundations.

“This really opens up the limits to create things like ultra-modern all metal and glass tiny homes or cantilevered homes on cliff sides or multiple tiny homes connected on a beautiful piece of property.”

Tiny Heirloom

You can learn more about Tiny Heirloom and their work here.

Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom