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Could you live in a house which is half the size of a hotel room?

Imagine living your entire life out of an average-sized hotel room. Halve that space and you have what StudioMama is simply calling its “13m2 house”.

Husband-and-wife team Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama collaborated to turn a teeny North London space into a functional apartment.

“We have created small spaces before, but this was a great challenge as it was impossible to get a small space like this to work using off-the-shelf furniture”, Tolstrup told Dwell.

To get as much out of the home as possible (without sacrificing the little amount of space they had to work with), Tolstrup and Mama commissioned furniture that fit into the space but also separated the different “zones” of the home, including a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and workspace. The only room divided by a wall is the bathroom.

StudioMama believes micro homes like these will become the norm with the rise of city dwellers in already populated areas.

“We see the issues of how to live in a compact living space to be of growing importance, especially given the trends towards urbanisation and rise of megacities and wanted to use the project to pose a question about what are the things that we really need to live comfortably”.

Apart from the pastel colours, I could definitely live comfortably in a teeny space like this.

See more of StudioMama’s creative work on their website.

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