AI tries nude painting but ends up with something scary instead

It’s been feared that artificial intelligence will one day rise up against humanity. However, judging from one experiment, they’re not quite ready to conquer the world – the art world, to be specific – just yet.

Robbie Barrat, an AI researcher from West Virginia, recently tried to find out what would happen if a neural network pursued a nudist painting career. In his experiment, he fed the AI thousands of nude portraits, then trained it to make its own artworks.

What the neural network came up with were images that would cause nightmares instead of sexual urges. Here take a look:

According to Barrat, he doesn’t find the pieces as sensual, but he’s nonetheless impressed with the unintentional surrealism.

“The way that it paints faces makes me uncomfortable,’ said Barrat. “It always paints them as like, purple and yellow globs – that isn’t in the training set so I’m actually still not sure why it does that.

He added: “Personally, I really love these super weird unrealistic ones.”

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