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Woman becomes best friends with wingless bumblebee after saving its life

When a super sweet woman in the Scottish Highlands stumbled across a cute AF bumblebee in her garden, she noticed there was something a little odd about this particular little bee.

On closer inspection, she saw that the bumblebee was wingless. She didn’t want to hurt the little one so she set about to help it.

Fiona Presley, who is a library assistant from Inverness, wasn’t going to let a bee suffer for its lack of wings.

Thinking of how to help, and fully aware of the oncoming storm she could see that day in her garden, Fiona decided to pick the bee up using a flower.

She then took the little one inside to feed it and keep it safe. The bee responded and a friendship was born.

Fiona set about creating an enclosed mini garden for her new friend and went so far as to deck it out with flowers and herbs for the bee to eat, a pond for bathing and a little, bee-sized hive for it to chill in.

She also started feeding her new friend sugar water on the reg to build up its strength.

Pretty soon the bee started waiting to greet Fiona and would run into her palm and happily buzz away. Fiona never got stung by the little one, even though bumblebees won’t die if they use their sting – unlike honey bees.

Photo: Facebook (Fiona Presly)

Photo: Facebook (Fiona Presly)

They really were best friends.

Bumblebees normally have a lifespan of approximately 18 weeks – thanks to Fiona, this wingless bee (who she has since formally named Bee) managed to live a little longer than average before it died.

Everybody grab some sugar water and go find a bee to share a sweet bevvy with.

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Photos via Facebook (Fiona Presly)