Featured Image for Students are now being asked to wear clear backpacks to stop gun violence

Students are now being asked to wear clear backpacks to stop gun violence

Not-so-breaking-news: America’s new solution to stopping mass shootings doesn’t actually involve passing stricter gun control laws.

Following the tragic incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida wherein 17 people were shot dead, officials are now requiring students to wear clear backpacks once classes resume after spring break.

According to superintendent Robert Runcie, the backpacks will be provided free of charge. Other security measures to be implemented include requiring students to wear ID badges, expanding mental health services, upgrading CCTVs, and maybe even installing metal detectors at all entrances.

“We want to assure you that the safety and security of our students and employees remain our highest priorities,” wrote Runie in a letter to parents.

A clear backpack

The students, unsurprisingly, have criticised the new policy, pointing out the obvious: that stricter gun laws are the better solution to mass shootings.

“Clear backpacks don’t do anything except make us look stupid. We want to be safe, not uncomfortable,” said one student, while another added, “Clear backpacks is just the illusion of security.”

Another silly idea that’s been floated around, by none other than Donald Trump himself, is arming teachers.

Over the weekend, at least 1.2 million people participated in ‘March for Our Lives’, a nationwide rally for gun control in response to the tragedy in Florida. According to estimates, the rally was one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam War.

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