Featured Image for These micro drain-pipe-homes are the latest fad on the housing market

These micro drain-pipe-homes are the latest fad on the housing market

Architecture firm James Law Cybertecture are selling new buyers the most millennial home idea yet: a drain pipe as your digs.

No, this isn’t a screenshot from the movie Flushed Away.

The Opod Tube House is made out of a 20-tonne concrete water pipe that, in practice, would be stackable in big cities and fit in between buildings where empty space was available.

The pipe is 2.5m in diameter and includes everything inside you’ll need to live a simple life in the city: a living area that transforms into a bedroom with its convertible bed, a small clothing rail, cooking area, shower, and a toilet.

One of the coolest tech specs includes the way you open and close the home. It’s all controlled with a smartphone.

No more lost keys with the Opod!

The idea for this micro home comes as cities across the globe suffer from severe overcrowding. In Hong Kong, where James Law Cybertecture is based, some residents live in what are known as “coffin homes“, where rent begins at $180/month for a tiny 4’x6′ claustrophobic shoe box.

Thanks to James Law Cybertecture, this may be the breathing room Hong Kong residents have been longing for.

Each Opod – when out of its conception stage – will cost around £10,885 (AUD20,000) and be able to stack underneath elevated highways.

In fact, 250 units can fit under every 100 metres of elevated highways in Hong Kong. For a city that’s jam-packed with elevated high ways, it sounds like this kind of inner-city micro living just might be the future for all of us.

Time to start downsizing that wardrobe now!

Via NZ Herald

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