Featured Image for These scientifically accurate dinosaur figures are incredible

These scientifically accurate dinosaur figures are incredible

There are a lot of cool things on Kickstarter. But these 1/6th scale dinosaur figures, might be our favourite yet.

Created by professional sculptor, David Silva, the inspiration came to him after the artist began questioning why there weren’t any collector-quality dinosaur models on the market.

Well, if you want something done do it yourself, thought David, and Beasts of Mesozoic was born.

Whilst the figures, which are currently all raptors, have the same body spec, the colours and textures vary from dinosaur to dinosaur.

If you didn’t know – as there’s no way to really establish the colours of dinosaurs, the colouring of the beloved dinosaurs we know from books and films are actually just made up based on the defining qualities of the dinosaurs.

Yup, the T-Rex could actually have been pink.

Which leaves a lot of creative license for artists, and Silva uses a spectrum of colour to bring his figures to life.

The 1/6th scale of the “beasts” means they are suited to be posed next to human figurines, which traditionally come in 12 inches.

If you can’t get enough of these dinosaurs, don’t worry, the next wave of releases, which are set to feature ceratopsians – think triceratops – and will be 1/18th to scale due to the size difference between raptors an ceratopsians.

Set to be released later this month, you can pre-order Beasts of the Mesozoic here.