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You’ve never seen anything like this $14,000 smart toilet

It self-cleans. It auto flushes. It heats your seat. And it deodorizers on demand. This smart toilet from Japan does everything except send emails, it seems. But give it a few years and it just might.

Designed by TOTO, the Neorest NX2 is the future of toilet systems – it’s created to make going to the loo a more pleasurable and effortless experience. Effortless for the NX2 means you won’t ever have to lift the lid of this toilet; it lifts as you approach it. It will also close as you walk away.

The NX2 will heat the seat for you, because there’s nothing worse than a cold wintery morning with a cold toilet seat. It also deodorizes itself, self-cleans, and uses electrolyzed water known as eWater+ in its tornado flush to remove waste and sanitize the bowl. There’s also a UV light that works 24 hours a day to get rid of any lurking bacteria.

One of the most revolutionary features of this toilet, though, is the ‘WASHLET’ technology. The bidet and dryer system on the NX2 will get rid of any need to buy toilet paper. Ever. It produces a “soothing, hygienic stream of warm water” in place of toilet paper and then dries you off automatically.

It’s like having your own personal butler right in the bathroom with you! You can check out more specs on the Neorest NX2 here.

Via Oddity Central

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